Welcome to Haverigg-Christine's Haverigg site,still under construction-transferring from prev site.


Welcome to Haverigg, a small seaside fishing village tucked away on the north-west coast of England,a long established breeding reserve for Terns and a large variety of wading birds.



Female Sparrowhawk-several species of birds of prey to be seen in this area

"The eyes of the Huntress"

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Common Seal often to be seen basking on the sandbanks .



Great Crested Grebes-Courtship ritual




Summer Swallows-Swallow feeding her chick,taken in the harbour-2011.

  The shot shown below,has a link direct to the Swallow page,just hover the mouse over the pic ,also hopefully for the second shot shown below.




A later Swallow shot,taken this year..The youngster at the back is making sure that Mum does not forget him



A special cygnet.The only cygnet incubated by this pair of Swans.This is the Male.More details on the Swan page.





The object of this small website is to show examples of the many and varied species of birdlife to be found both in and the around the Hodbarrow RSPB reserve,and also the outlying areas of gorse and heathland.


 Wheatear -one of the many migrant species visiting the reserve.


The site will be divided into the main groups of birds,which will be listed in accordance as to the habitat where the species are most likely to be seen .With separate sub pages for photos .

I will also include a few items of local interest which will also include some of the various activities which take part in our small


This website is not displayed in the usual website format,ie a square image with a group of photos with a link on each photo.please scroll down the full length of each page,ie there are more photos on each page ,not just the 1st one which shows when the page is opened.

The pages are listed on the rightside  of the screen.When you click on one of the pages e.g farmland birds,you can then open the sub pages in that group.

I am in the process of adding a link at the foot of each page which will take you to the next page.26th Feb-13 I am in the process of adding recent shots taken during the end of 2012-and beg of 2013,inc sparrowhawk pics,so please return on and off ,and new pages with new pics will soon be added to the site.-Thankyou.Yes,this site does need updating for 2013,recent photos taken can be viewed on My Flickr page ,a link is available ,also on Facebook - I have a monthly gallery for our local wildlife,and Haverigg views etc.Thankyou to all who do visit this site.




Sandwich Terns taken during their breeding season




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