.Sandwich Terns-courtship ,the male offers the female a sea eel.



Hello everyone,my name  is Christine.I was brought up in this small village as a young child,and returned several years ago bringing with me, my husband Barry.Our interests used to be motorcyling,Barry still enjoys his biking ,but due to mobility probs,I had to find a more sedate hobby,which brings me to this website.I love wildlife,and took up birdwatching,but then wanted to see on a photograph,and enlarged on a pc screen,the same image that I was viewing through binoculars/scope.Hence I started my bird photography via digiscoping ie attaching a camera to the eyepiece of the scope,whereby one can produce a greatly magnified image.Considerable skill is needed for this process,my attempts were at times somewhat dodgy,so changed to a digital slr camera,using a 400F5.6 lens.I hope to be able to show some shots of the considerable wildlife of this area.   May ,I add here,that this site is still under construction,and will take some time,but if you do pop in for a look around,please  keep returning.It will grow as the weeks progress.



Haverigg Harbour 





Image taken from our local museum showing an iron ore  miner in the pit cage.The local reserve was once the  iron ore  mining site.






Company history I would also like to mention another site ,from whence I have been given lots of help and advice re photography and birds.I do have an extensive Gallery on this site  which anyone can view as a guest.  Please use any of the links below as a method of contact.There is also a contact box  -link to be found on either the top or rt hand column


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I also have a monthly wildlife album on my Facebook page

 Just thought I would add this page to the site.In Nov 2009,I was announced as the winner of the adult section of the Beacon's  Copeland Wildlife Photographer of the Year  2009  competition.I have now been announced as the winner for 2010.In 2012 I took 2cnd and 3rd place-no comp held in 2011




I am unable to enlarge the type in the above,but will show another copy of the winning image., 
   I have also won this award for 2010.
Shot shown below is the winning shot for 2010


Copeland Wildlife comp winner 2009/2010









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