Birds of Fresh Water and Marshes inc the following species.Grey Heron,Snipe,Kingfisher,Redshank,Reed Bunting,Sedge Warbler,Reed/Marsh Warbler,Wagtails,Ruff and Blacktailed Godwit.
Snipe-2 species of Snipe,this is the Common Snipe,not the Jack Snipe.
 Black-Tailed Godwits.Around 200 of these birds in this group.a Heron landed in their territory,and they gave a spectacular fly over.This was the winning shot for the Copeland Wildlife Photographer of the Year-2009.
Kingfisher-this bird is a female,shown by the lower red mandible(under the beak).Our own KF who frequents the river Lazy in Haverigg.
Grey Heron.
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