Birds to be found in Towns and built up areas with sparse vegetation.The list of birds specified for urban areas,are Blackheaded Gulls,House Martins,Feral Pigeons , Starlings,and of course our fav little House Sparrow.
House Martin
Starlings.One of the most favoured species to be found in towns and urban areas.A very versatile bird.Is an excellent mimic,one of the flock always stands on sentry duty,and tells the gang when food is available,a very clever bird.
Tree Sparrow
 - Not as common as our little House Sparrow.Visible difference in plumage is the white cheek patch,not to be seen on the House Sparrow.
House Sparrow.Shows the difference in the face plumage to the Tree Sparrow.
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                                           House Martins and Swifts