Birds to be found mainly in farmland areas.


Sadly many of their breeding and feeding sites are declining due to loss of farmland and the erosion of green areas.Species,inc


 ,Lapwing,Pheasant,Grey Partridge,Wood Pigeon,Rook,Crow,Magpie,Jackdaw,Swallow,Tree Sparrow,and Kestrel and Redwing
















Kestrel .This bird of prey is one of the smallest of the species,and needs farmland to hunt for its prey of small mammals,but does rely on other birds as part of its diet,is a very unwelcome visitor to bird tables!!!This shot was taken on the Haverigg sand dunes ,where this youngster has her own "patch".
















Female Pheasant


 .Sadly one of our persecuted game birds.this female was roaming freely in the grounds of Muncaster castle,safe from human predators.



















Grey Partridge

 -smaller than the Pheasant.During the last 25yrs the British population has fallen by 25%..This shot was taken in a local farmers field where there are a group of 3 prs to be seen during the winter mths.





















 considering there are so many of these birds around,so difficult to manage a shot..Not ones fav bird as they do plunder the nests and eggs of the smaller birds.But they do have a rather magnificent plumage,beautiful deep colours.


















Magpies-collecting nesting material,taken,April,2008























Redwing       -feeding on yew tree berries-Nov 2010



















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