Haverigg Inshore Rescue       http://www.haverigginshore rescue .co.uk is entirely self funded ,and does provide a vital service ,which is needed on this harsh coastline.If anyone would like to buy any photo shown on this website,please do get in touch with me.I do have the original shots in their full size.All shots shown on this site have been re-sized to around 550 pixels,and re sized for the web,to enable more shots to be shown.
Stormy seas-Inshore Rescue goes out to sea in all weather conditions,the safety of the public is their sole  priority.
Haverigg Inshore Rescue taking charge in the annual Raft Race-see next page.
An exercise on the Inshore Rescue's open day in July-2008
Same as above.
         Link to Haverigg Raft Race.