Kingfisher.Small bird,akin to the size of a Sparrow.Usually all one sees is a flash of blue ,but we are lucky to have our own residents here on 
our local river.
Kingfisher with his catch of a small fish-taken Nov-2009
Kingfisher-This shot shows the translucent colours of this bird when her plumage is highlighted in the sun.Note the bird in the 1st image is a darker blue,whereas this image shows her plumage with a definite turquoise sheen.Taken-Nov 09
Waiting patiently for a catch.-Kingfisher
All of the above shots were taken in 2006.They are still to be seen in the river Lazy,here in Haverigg once their breeding season has finished.They nest much higher up stream .
All of the above shots were taken from the river Lazy ,our local river -2006. Recent shots added in Nov-09.He/she  is to be seen on a daily basis in the harbour often spotted by a flash of blue as they fly  under the bridge.They nest in the river banks much higher upstream.Still to be seen July 2010 .
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