Due to the fact this website is taking quite some time to complete,thought I would add a page of recently taken images,which I will update each month..Many thanks to all who have viewed this site and have sent very encouraging comments.
  I will be updating this page for the final mths of this year 2011 ,very shortly.
 First shots for 2011-taken on the 1st Jan
   Taken in Dec 2010.-Waxwing
      The 1st time I have seen this species.Taken at the entrance to the Hodbarrow RSPB reserve.
          Mistle Thrush-Oct 2010 
  Recent Kestrel shot-Nov 2010
  Kestrel page has been updated.
 Female Sparrowhawk
Little Egret--Taken on the river Lazy on Feb 19th 2011 
Chiffchaff-Newly arrived Spring/Summer migrant
                    Meadow Pipit  
             Several of this species to be seen in and around the reserve
 Pied Wagtail-
Several prs to be seen in both our local river and the reserve
 Wheatear -to
 be found along the sea defences-a recent shot
Grt Crested Grebes.
 Pr of Oystercatchers perched on the sea wall
Marsh Tit 
Willow Warbler
WSummer migrant to Britain arriving in April for their breeding season.By August,they leave for their long return trip to Africa,via  a re-fuelling stop in Iberia.
Lots of Butterflies around at the moment-the Butterfly page has been updated
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             Winter 2012