Mute Swan .Several pairs of these regal birds reside on and around the Hodbarrow reserve and surrounding small lagoons.

These images very special.A pair of Swans nest at the side of the river Lazy every year,but the female has never managed to incubate her eggs.Except for 2 yrs ago when this one little cygnet hatched.The story is that the female is much older than the male,just one reason as to why they have no success.


Male Swan with cygnet.-Sadly the female Swan died acouple of yrs after this image was taken,but she holds special memories for many of the local villagers and their children
Keeping an eye on the youngster
 Black Swan.This Swan visited our lagoon in Summer-Autmn of 2009.He/she mixed with the resident Swans for several mths,then around late Oct of he went away .Attracted lots of attention,and was actaully feeding from the reisdents of the holiday home site before leaving.Approx 4 yrs ago,there were a pr of Black Swans who were residing in Haverigg bay for around 2 mths.These birds originate from Australia and were brought into this country many years ago,by owners of stately homes to be used as ornamental attrations for their garden lakes etc.
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