Common Seal.These seals live  across our bay on  the Duddon estuary off Walney island.They can often be seen sunning themselves on our sandbanks in Haverigg bay.
Wild Mink-not a welcome visitor!!!.We had a family of mink breeding in the rocks under the bridge in our local harbour.Not good news for the local birdlife,but were very entertaining when they appeared in the sun,and played and basked on the rocks.None to be seen so far this year-good news.
Red Squirrel-so chuffed to have mananged a couple of shots of one of these very elusive little creatures.
Red Squirrel -shot 2.Both these shots were taken in the grounds of Muncaster Castle,the 1st time one has been seen in the grounds.
Grey Squirrel-Would prefer this was a shot of one of the red species,but these little guys are quite entertaining.
Otters have been spotted swimming in the bay near White Rock.this shot shows an adult with her cub.
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