Sedge Warbler.Summer migrant which arrives in mid-April then leaves its breeding sites in July.Song is loud and strong,very repetitive.These shots were taken from the sea defences in May 2006 where this species can be found.
Sedge Warbler-note the inside of the beak/mouth is a bright red.
Sedge Warbler.
Juvenile Sedge Warbler-taken 2009
Reed Warbler-Not a common bird here in the Hodbarrow reserve,but I was very lucky to find one breeding pair in  the entrance to the reserve-July-2009
Adult Reed Warbler
Juvenile Reed Warbler
Reed Bunting-Again taken in the bushes which line the sea defences.A popular habitat for the migrant visitors.due to the close proximity of the water,lots of midges and insects providing food.
Female Reed Bunting
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