Haverigg Lighthouse.this is a view of the lighthouse completely renovated.A project which was organised by the children of Haverigg primary school.these children take a great interest in their village.A recent project to which they subscribed was the restoration of the local village lamp.I will eventually find a pic of the lighthouse as it stood before the restoration.I chose this particular image as the sunset is showing across the water and just catching the lighthouse in a soft sunset.A most beautiful view.
Haverigg Lighthouse
The old Lighthouse before the restoration to the above.
This photo shows shows a set up of an iron ore miners pit cage.Iron ore was mined at
Haverigg,the men worked in the most horrendous conditions at times,and lives were lost.When it rains, there are large red pools all around the area of the Hodbarrow RSPB reserve,so there is ,I would think, still lots of this metal/mineral to be found underground.Photo,taken from a selection of set ups in the Millom folk museum.
Statue of Norman Nicholson ,the local poet-1914-1987,who was born in Millom.This photo was taken from a selection of artefacts shown in the museum in Millom.
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