Barn Swallows 
.A visitor to this country we do so look forward to seeing.The arrival of this amazing little bird,who flies all the way from the African continent,to build her nest and quite often produces at least 2 broods of chicks,then when Oct arrives,and the temps start to drop,she flies all the way across the oceans and seas,to return to warmer climes.One of my fav species.
 Youngster being fed by the parent-these birds feed their chicks "on the wing",ie in mid air.
Newly fledged Swallow chick waiting for his Mum to arrive with his dinner.
"3 Amigos"-Swallow
chicks perching on the mooring ropes in Haverigg harbour waiting for Mum to arrive with food.One of my early digiscope pics,and one of my fav shots.
Young Swallow
 chicks take their first look into the big outside world.They were born in the barn behind them at Stoub Dubbs farm .
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