Sandwich Terns -Hodbarrow RSPB reserve,is the only breeding area for these terns in the whole of the north of the country.
Little Tern.Sadly this species does seem to be in decline .Not as many pairs breed in the reserve now,as in the past.They do arrive and begin their nesting programme,but they are at risk to the Gulls who also breed on the reserve,and often their eggs and chicks are taken by predators..i
 A great deal of work has been done in 2012-2013 by the RSPB to try to protect the habitat of the terns,across on the island,Floating rafts have been put in place to try to protect the terns and their eggs from predators which have been swimming across the lagoon and raiding the nests for eggs.
Juvenile Artic Tern.This was a one off shot taken 3 years ago of a young Arctic Tern who had stopped off for a rest on the sea defences here at Haverigg.Quality not good,but thought I would show it here,as it does include the diversity of species who pass through our area.
Pair of Common Terns-Taken in the Hodbarrow reserve.
Little Tern-with his freshly caught sea eel.
 Sandwich Tern -flying across to the nesting site  in the reserve with food for the hungry chicks.
 Sandwich Tern courtship ritual.A sea eel  is the offering.If the partner rejects,then the male returns the unwanted gift to the sea.
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